Author, Jacquelyn K. Heasley, has a degree in Theology and has been an ordained minister since 1992. She traveled the world as an evangelistic singer for 22 years. Jacquelyn has sung before some of the largest crowds in the recorded history of the world in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a wife, mother and grandmother of five.  Though she resides in Central Arkansas, she will always refer to herself as a Texan, having been born in Pampa, Texas and living in the Texas Panhandle and Dallas area for 36 years of her life.
     Years ago, Jacque heard these words bubbling out of her spirit, “God’s grace is so amazing the unbeliever can’t believe it.” This was her first one-liner, as she started writing numerous such lines, she called them Pastor’s Punch Lines. At that time, emails containing wonderful stories were being forwarded to myriads of folks. Jacque saw how people loved these stories that warmed hearts and uplifted, or even educated the readers. But she also noted how much time it took to read them all and found it impossible! She decided then to send out her Pastor’s Punch Lines to her address list via email.  She had such a response, a friend wrote an article in a magazine in California and suggested she change the name to Split-Second Sermons.   Since that time, her one-liners have been known as Split-Second Sermons and have gone around the world. Split-Second Sermons have been quoted in about a dozen books.
Jacquelyn K. Heasley